Star Trek: Bridge Commander

Command from the captain's chair, interacting with your 3-D crew and overseeing the bridge from a first-person perspective. Prepare to face the consequences of your decisions as you issue orders affec...

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Name Rating Filesize Downloads
DS9 Saratoga Bridge 9.89MB 24
Crossfield Class 4.27MB 24
SFP Deneva Class Freighter v.1.0 551KB 22
Tactical Display Icon Editor (TDIE) v.1.0.6 944KB 12
Bridge Commander Universal Tool (BCUT) v.1.8.1 11.83MB 27
Akira Class Mod Pack v.3.5 322.77MB 33
Intrepid Class Mod Pack v.2.5 605.6MB 49
Olympic Class Mod Pack v.1.0 112.18MB 39
Steamrunner Class Mod Pack w. Bridge Set v.2.0 67.55MB 42
USS Journeyman 6.49MB 340
Discovery 7.01MB 159
voyager SFX 2.67MB 122
original voyager sfx 1.69MB 84
Moonraker 1.0 8.09MB 155
E7s Realistic Damage And Shields 16.25MB 222
Luna Class 9.17MB 290
Strider textures high med low 26.05MB 74
Uss Strider 3.51MB 114
Atlantis HP fix 6KB 181
Mvam Space Rat Pack 1.43MB 40
Ancient City + Atlantis Pack 0.9 9.83MB 345
Sovereign001's new Stars/Shielding/Nebulas 12.24MB 167
DS9FX Xtended Preview 33.11MB 700
Canon USS Monitor 1.64MB 86
MVAM Kelvin 6.67MB 154
Wraith Cruiser 1.1 3.23MB 219
Starforce Productions/Outalance Pulsar 1019KB 67
JJprise and Kelvin HIGH textures with blanks 21.15MB 257
JJprise and Kelvin HIGH textures with blanks 21.16MB 119
USS OBAMA 22.05MB 544
Star Trek TOS Opening w/JJ-Prise 8.96MB 425
Starforce Productions Grief Frigate 3.71MB 76
JJprise (Trek XI Enterprise) 10.4MB 915
Kelvin and Kelvin-prise 7.72MB 599
Hayden Class Pack 3.07MB 291
Starforce Productions Curtis Dreadnought 6.27MB 103
Starforce productions Ilmarinen 4.87MB 86
Uss Regulator (region 3 ship) 2.88MB 135
Starforce Productions Chesterfield 3.78MB 107
Starforce Productions Evenmore 5.56MB 88
Starforce Productions Abousaffy 5.57MB 160
SFP Furious patch 9KB 74
SFPReverant class 6.44MB 110
Colorado Class 4.66MB 232
=FLX= SFX Pack v0.1 3.52MB 300
Wraith Cruiser 2.81MB 437
Super Orgainic Rat 249KB 45
DS9 new shield + New damage and sparks 15.12MB 274
Star Trek XI Enterprise 5.22MB 591
HQ_planets_and_asteroids_and_new_tractor 28.93MB 652