Star Trek: Bridge Commander

Command from the captain's chair, interacting with your 3-D crew and overseeing the bridge from a first-person perspective. Prepare to face the consequences of your decisions as you issue orders affec...

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Flowrellik's Ship Pack with Hardpoints 60.39MB 16
Avenger Bridge Set v.1.0 28.98MB 20
PDW Nova Bridge (Rhode Island) v.1.0 18.32MB 17
Defiant Bridge v4.0 (pack) 27.37MB 10
SFSY Klingon D-16 Bird of Prey v.1.0 14.48MB 9
SFRD Constellation Class V.1.1 12.07MB 25
SFRD Miranda Variants v.1.0 16.9MB 16
L91 Delta Flyer Cockpit v.1.1 7.54MB 8
SFRD Engineering Kit_Fed v.1.0 12.73MB 51
Kophjaeger Galen Class V.1.0 7.17MB 11
Reman Scimitar Bridge w/Reman Crew v.1.0 23.31MB 22
Venture Class Bridges (TMP-TNG) v.1.0 72.89MB 23
Generations Galaxy Bridge v.2.0 13.93MB 29
DS9 Saratoga Bridge v.1.0 9.89MB 33
Star Trek Discovery: Crossfield Class 4.27MB 42
Tactical Display Icon Editor (TDIE) v.1.0.6 944KB 18
Bridge Commander Universal Tool (BCUT) v.1.8.1 11.83MB 54
Akira Class Mod Pack v.3.5 322.77MB 44
Intrepid Class Mod Pack v.2.5 605.6MB 68
Olympic Class Mod Pack v.1.0 112.18MB 47
Steamrunner Class Mod Pack w. Bridge Set v.2.0 67.55MB 52
Star Trek Bridge Commander Mod - Armored Defiant v1.1 11.93MB 226
Quincentennial MOD (01 of 07) 26KB 243
Quincentennial MOD (02 of 07) 541.11MB 222
Quincentennial MOD (03 of 07) 604.89MB 213
Quincentennial MOD (04 of 07) 608.13MB 182
Quincentennial MOD (05 of 07) 598.76MB 228
Quincentennial MOD (06 of 07) 470.67MB 223
Generation 3 Constitution Class 18.55MB 21
Quarren's Holodeck Missions File 2 4.87MB 75
Romulan WarEagle prototype 979KB 139
Fix for the Khan system 8.29MB 106
Orgins Constitution 1701 7.68MB 551
Excelisor Refits B_style 10.56MB 348
TOS Tomahawk class 1.62MB 157
TOS F39 Research Station 790KB 162
A Civilian Cargo ship _SFYS_ 1.87MB 162
E7s SFP Interceptor Retexture 17.43MB 131
JLS Delta Quadrant Pack 2KB 227
Moed-Killallewoks BC Nebula Pack 18.36MB 201
A TOS version Jupiter Station _sfrd_ 9.73MB 180
The Excelsiors _sfrd_ 19.75MB 333
Nelson Class USS Loki 1.75MB 279
USSAegisNCC92410 5.76MB 144
Daedalus Class _sfrd_ 3.83MB 217
Spec Torps 1 152KB 117
Moed-Killallewoks BC Nebula Pack 17.57MB 135
DJ Orion Class Fix 4.54MB 171
Uss Enterprise Phase2 [sfrd] 2.21MB 163
DJ Velox Class 12.14MB 655