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We have been forced to remove yet another file from BCFiles. This was not an easy decision, but we feel it had to be done to respect the rights of our patrons and all modders. The files are owned by Omega, a vital member of the community, and we felt this was the only way to address his concerns properly. In the past, Starforce Productions and those who assist me have ported pretty much any model thrown our way, despite how restrictive the conditions may be with use. It appears we may have to change that policy slightly. There are some modders that have policys so restrictive that changes have to constantly be made to the download, creating a backlog of work for the staff of BCfiles and making it impossible to service other patrons, and prevent me from doing what I do best, bring you more mods. It is our decision to remove certain files of this nature and avoid others that have unmanageable rights and conditions, out of respect for thier wishes and to limit our workload. That does not mean we will not host nor consider conversion and modding files for those that have limited use conditions, but we will have to decide if we can properly address the modders rights without harming the rest of the community by creating a backlog of work we cannot possibly undertake. We will deal with downloads and conversions on a one by one basis. It only means that we will probably remove (and not choose to convert) files that require constant changes to satisfy the modders rights. This is purely to respect that modders rights and to reduce our workload. We appreciate the contribution of all modders and recognize thier right to protect thier work. We hope to see great things from all community modders in the future.
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