3 People resign, Plus my system down

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3 people have ressigned. Elminster has decided to step down due to a recent internal issues so he has left us as moderator. Skills2k recently got a new job and doesn't have time, and Darkthunder has a time issue as well. DJcube will be leaving us soon as well, soon as Blackrook is able to return fully. Also, If you've sent files to files@bcfiles,.com recently and they are not posted, I don't have them. I attempted to slave a second harddrive into my system and when I booted it up to format the drive, my system loaded then suddenly rebooted and started giving an inaccessable boot device error. This means everything such as my ftp, email/outlook express and passswords are stuck on my main drive and I can't get to them. I don't know what, if anything, is in the email or ftp rgith now. I am only online because the second HD had a barely functional windows 98 installed on it and I was able to fix it somewhat and get it working. However I cannot boot it if I plug in any cd or dvd rom drives, and the drive hasn't got the space for BC really. If you have files u can still msn them, unless they're huge. So anyone who wants me to mod, convert, or accept a huge file is out of luck. I don't have the public ftp password either, so can't use that. I hope to have something done about it next weekend. If anything perhaps I can get win2000 installed on the secondary drive and access atleast the files on my main drive and get a new DVD drive so I can make a backup of everything and do a full restore and rebuild my whole system while I'm at it. If anyone is a ccomputer techie and has some ideas on why this happened or how I might fix it, give me an msn.
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