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First, I must offer my apologies for the recent "Millennium" news item that was posted. that news item has been pulled from our main archives. For you newcomers to BCFiles/BC Community. Please do "NOT" use the "Submit News" item at BCFiles to promote non-existing, fictitious or "Dream" mods. If you have a mod project to present the community. Use the forums at Filefront, Bridge Commander Central [BCC], or Bridge Commander Universe [BCU]. If you want to submit a news item about your works at BCFiles? The news item "MUST" contain the following. . . * Specific Information on the Mod. ((Preferably)) a link to a forum or site w/ pics. That's just common courtesy. * If you take the time submit a news item be prepared to do a "Q and A" session. People are going to ask questions? The people in the BC community are nothing, if not inquisitive. * Asking established Modders to contribute in a project your not forthcoming with? Not a good sign. . . . * Trying to build "suspense" by not answering simple questions? "Definitely" not the best foot to start off on. Blackrook32 Vice Administrator - Bridge Commander Files [BCF]

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