Andreas Katsulas Remembered

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Andreas Katsulas, Best known for his Trek reoccurring roles as "Commander Tomalak" in Star Trek: The Next Generation and as "Ambassador G'Kar" of Babylon 5. Has passed away of Lung Cancer on March 13th at the age of 59. Though his acting credits are numerous in both Television, Stage and the Big Screen, I believe he made a "Definite Mark" in the Sci-Fi universe! Providing us with "unforgettable" characters within a broad range. It was always a treat to see his works in both Star Trek: The Next Generation as the irascible Romulan Commander "Tomalak" and in Babylon 5 as the dignified and indomitable Narn Ambassador "G'Kar". His last Star Trek appearance was in the ST: Enterprise's second season episode " Cogenitor " as the Vissian Captain "Drennik". * Andreas Katsulas Remembered: Star (News Article) -BR32
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