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I've added some links to it, to kick it off, I'll give a short explanation of them here: 1) Bad astronomy- this site debunks myths and other errors and gives you th right information and simple explanations. Want to know what all of the arguments for the moon landing being faked are just totaly silly? How the explosion in siberia in 1908 was NOT an alien ship. (oh boy) 2) Minnesota Astronomy club-Self explanitory... 3) Jack newton- A famous amature astronomer who's work is frequently featured in Astronomy Magazine. 4) Space Weather- Attempts to predict northern lights, also contains info on solar storms, sun spots, and near earth asteroids. 5) Danar's Astrophotos-images from BCfiles member Danar. 6) Astronomy pictures-site created by one of the members. 7) Cartes Du ciel-A planetarium program that lists positions of planets and nebula based on your location and time of day/night. Lists other galaxies, binary and variable stars, comets, and much more, depending on what charts you download and the abaility of your telescope. Thats it for now, more will be added as they are suggested.
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