Attention ST Legacy Visitors and modders

16 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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It has come to my attention that there are certain people from the legacy community downloading models from this site and converting them to legacy without asking the authors permission or without including proper credits. This must stop. Plain and simple. Nobody should download something from here and port it to another game without permission and credit. If you do, it had better not leave your computer. The staff of this site, in most cases, can help you find the author if you can't on your own. Most are either a member of dynaverse or BCC, and links to these places can be found in the links section. We have one staff member from SFC here. There is also a thread at dynaverse that references permissions and lists some people who allow free use of their models, meaning all you need to do is give credit. Additionaly, according to a enws item on Legacy files, they have links to permission lists there as well. I will be trying to get some posted here soon. Some of what is going on in Legacy is careless and slopy. I've seen mega mod packs completely omit ships from credits and having several others totaly wrong. Some of these were even ships I hardpointed for BC myself, so I know the readme I included are right, yet I find myself credited for models and textures for the Legacy version even when it clearly states otherwize on the file info page and the readme. From now one, the fallowing policies are in effect for all models on this site, regardless what community you are from: 1) Noone may download a model from this site and convert it to another game or publicly use it for anything other than Bridge Commander without giving proper credits. If proper credits do not exsist here at BCfiles, then you should contact our staff and perhaps we can get it fixed, since it is a requirement for all files on this site to have "credits" at minimum. 2) Noone may download a model from this site and convert it to another game or publicly use it for anything other than Bridge Commander without permission from the author(s) involved in the models, textures, and kitbashes, as applicable, unless said persons have stated in their readme or other public announcement that permission is not nessecary. 3) Public useage within the Bridge Commander community is also subject to permission and proper crediting. Submitting files without proper credits, crediting yourself for others work, or stealing from others or other gamming communities may result in a total ban from BCfiles. There will be no comments allowed here, as there is nothing to discuss here. Thankyou, BCfiles staff.

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