BCfiles Tabloids: Dirt on Nightsofts Raven night and Mike holt-This is hilarious

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Ok, office humor here, but these are apaprently true stories of event happening in the Nightsoft office. Since these are already publicly posted, I'm going to share them here because they are quite funny. Ofcourse, crap flows both ways and Raven, the BCU admin, has some on Mike Holt too, our resident nigthsoft legal expert and forum troll, so let the leghs begin. 1) Raven's entire house was destroyed in the hurricane, including his valuable collection of Star Trek collectables. His insurance company ( not mentioning any names STATE FARM ) refused to pay for the collectables, even though they were appraised, insured and well documented. He decided to take the matter to the office, and after 1 hour and being Raven, he was arrested. So, he goes back right after the cops let him go and is arrested again. Then a third time. Mind you, no charges were filed. 2) About 6 months back Raven tries to use the scanner. It doesn't work. He tries all day, still no joy. He decides to have fun with it with a tire bully. Of course, it would have helped if he had plugged it into the wall. We still have the destroyed scanner. 3) Raven decides he is going to try his hand at programming, so he starts working on a project we have contracted. He decides to jump on Mark's computer and type away, not even thinking that Mark might have been in the middle of code work. 3 months work down the tubes. 4) Before Raven was CEO of Nightsoft he was employed by...well, another company let's say. When hired, or one week later or so, there was an argument between two coders. He fired the entire department. 22 employees. 5) Raven's prized possesion, his CRXsi met an unfortunate end last year. He ran out of gas, and decided to use the gas in a can he had in the garage. The can was for the lawnmower. It had gas and oil mixed. 6) We had to lock up the office one night, and Raven was looking all over for the keys. He must have looked for a good 45 minutes. Of course we all knew where they were. In his hand. 7) Note Raven has no hair. He used to. And he had this REDICULOUS blond stripe in his hair. His hair is very dark, so he looked like a damn skunk. Raven Nights response: Mike once was stuck in the bathroom without toilet paper. He didn't want to run through my house with his butt hanging out (as you probably already know, our office was in my basement in my old house), so after an hour on the phone trying to call everyone he could find, he ran around the office to find a solution...I guess paper wasn't an option, but he found a better one...coffee filters. Well, two problems. We have a video security system and coffee filters do not fall apart in water like toilet paper...obviously, they are designed to filter coffee. I guess he had no choice in the matter, but it made for an amusing video, and sweet revenge... It looks like this is going to go on for a while, so tune in to this thread: http://dynamic.gamespy.com/~bridgecommander/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=20087 For more "nightsoft gone wild" stories.
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