Blackrook32's absence and other staff issues

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My Vice admin is moving to a new house and will be offline for 6 months 2 a year. He says it's beena wild ride and wonderfull working here, and that he hopes he can return. However, during this time I will need to get a new vice admin.I am not sure if I will promote someone within the staff already, or if I will look for someone fresh. Qualities that are a must: 1) A long standing community member who knows his/her way around the community. Knows the who's who..ect and can be trusted 2) Broadband connection 3) Knows their way around a BC install. Modding ability not nessecary, but should be able to install and have an excellent graphics card. It doesn't need to be top of the line or anything but it needs to be able to take good quality pix 4) Willing and able to fallow my instructions on how situations are to be handled ect. The typical tasks of a Vice admin include fixing errors (like files int he wrong catagory, wrong developer name ect), comment moderation and banning, dealing with authors who's work as been used incorrectly or where credit mistakes or theft has occoured, reporting system errors to profiler when I am not online, and ofcourse, posting a few files. There is no HTML or PHP or such type of code skills required to run BCfiles. If you have such skills thats nice too, as it is required of editing of a couple menu items but not something that needs to be done often. Also, Admiral Ames, my code person, has taken some time off. He says a few weeks, but didn't explain why so it's probably personal business. Hope everything is ok. Thats pretty much the state of the site right now. Basicly file posting and comment moderation departments are ok (though i dunno why files are not getting posted..everyone must be busy this week) but administrative stuff such as dealing with site mistakes and problems is going to be slow, atleast untill I get a new vice admin up to speed and my computer issues sorted out.
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