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Just about seven years ago, Bridge Commander Universe [BCU] formally Bridge Commander Network [BCN] have closed their forums. Due to Hackers. This is a sad day for the Community in general. [BCU] was an invaluable resource to all modders. For those of you who have just joined our Modding community? And if you had the stamina to research our shared modding history? There were many hidden modding scripts, beta mods and such not even available on BCFiles. You would have gotten a first hand clue at [BCU]. Even I, can remember my old days as a lurker/nOOb. When [BCU] was [BCN]. The anticipation for Bridge Commander's release. And all the speculation of the then demo release. And the things achieved by our Modding Community since Bridge Commander's release. You can still resource sites like Bridge Commander Central, Bridge Commander Scripters:TNG and Kobayashi Maru forums. Here is a quote from the main [BCU] page...
We are sorry, but due to hackers we have had to shut down the forums for now, possibly for good. You can surf to the current BC forum at Bridge Commander Central for all of your current BC needs. Unfortunately we cannot provide links since a hacker inserted links to porn sites, so you will have to do a search to find BCC. Again, we apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate all of your patronage over the years.
. A slice of Bridge Commander Modding history now inaccessible is now noted. Though the [BCU] forum activities have slowed to a virtual "Ghost town" atmosphere. A stark contrast to it's early days. The site was a valuable resource to the BC modding community. I'm sure we will see [BCU] open their doors again in the near future. My modding associates over the years knows, what I personally think about this event. Blackrook32 Vice Administrator: Bridge Commander Files [BCF]
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