Bridge Plugin 0.8

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Published by Mark 14 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Firstly I wanted to thank everyone who supported us, the pack received 3083 downloads in its short stay on bcfiles; more then I had hoped for. However it has recently become clear that we need to start releasing bridges soon, various sets are currently waiting on bridge Plugin to be finished and so I have had to make a hard decision. Bridge Plugin will no longer be released as one file as previously intended, instead Bridge Plugin will be released as "Bridge Plugin CORE". Once this file has been downloaded and installed you will be free to install further modules for it (such as Static FX, BPSounds, Jedifx). By doing this we are able to give you more choice in how you want the mod to work, if you don’t want the Sovereign Redux installed you don’t have to have it. The various elements of Bridge Plugin 0.8 that caused issues before (BPSounds, and Jedifx) will be released later then BPCore. By doing this we can release a finalised version of Bridge Plugin sooner, which means we can start releasing bridges that rely on its functionality (TOS Constitution, Miranda v2, Enterprise A v3, Prometheus). Thanks for your support. Mark
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