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Over the past few days, I have noticed a sudden increase in the ammout of *error looking up comment* glitches, which are normally rare. I don't know why this is happening or what causes it, but if you have had your comment not post properly, or see one of these glitches in a file or news post, either post it's link in a comment under this news item on give us an e-mail. It takes about 5 seconds to fix. Your comment is actualy there, but for whatever reason not displayed. We simply need to go in our system, edit your comment, and it will appear on the public side like normal. So far, I have only noticed this in POTD, but that is partly because I monitor it heavily due to frequent abusive comments (that has thankfully descreased drasticly, partly due to some bannings.) All staff mebers have (or should have) the ability to edit a comment, so if you have one of them on your instant messager, or know their e-mails, give them a holler.
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