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It's been awhile, so I figured it's time to round up a collection of images on the new ships being created at BCC. There are quite a few of them. Raven Night is back in action, with another impressive ship designed to be a next generation Brel, or an equivlent to the Defiant for the Klingon empire. This model is incredibly detailed. Also on the list of new birds is Lint's new high detail versions of the classic Brel and Kvort, which utilise alot of modeled on panneling. There are also several shots of the damaged Voyager from Year of hell, as well as Kazon, a TW hub, and another Year of Hell alien ship of the week. These all come from the large delta quad modpack and are looking quite impressive in their level of model and texture details. Other ships to mention is the Mirtha, which is a very unique looking ship with an agressive split pod. Also in the batch is a TOS miranda, which looks surprisingly good, but we'll hafta wait and see if it wins the approval of the NX01 haters club. The new shots of the updated TNG Miranda by Asylum is sure to complement the TNG connie he just finished. Last but not least is version one of the SFP Suez, the first ship to be officialy created by the new Starforce Productions mod team (Shameless plug: if you'd like to join our effort to create single ship mods, please feel free to enquire at BCC) Hopefully all of these ships, besides the ones in the Delta quad pack, will be available to download soon.
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