Concering the Ratar Class Red version

18 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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The Red Ratar class warbird has been swapped out with green. Same model, just texture switch and icon. Those of you who have sent in modded versions of the Red ship will get them reelased on BCfiles as green vessels instead, this way your work aint wasted. Do nothing, I'll open them, swap the files and repack them myself. It is still different than the green version that was already posted. One is 180m and one is 200m. Don't ask me the meaning of 20m, but I guess everyone can deal with 6 different sizes of klingon Bop so no biggie. I just want to make clear that I didn't steal it from atolm. He gave me the ship, perhaps mistakenly giving me the red one instead of the green. I asked him what size it was for porting so I know he knew I had it and what I was doing with it, as I do this with every atolm ship here. I'd like to personaly thank those who proceeded to speak on behalf of atolm, bashing me on public forums and here in BCfiles comments. Congrats on a great job making the issue worse than it needed to be. The only one who should have been speaking on the issue was Atolm and he has yet to contact me, though I'm not sure why. It could have been solved in 5 minutes. This reitterates the resaon we dont allow people making accusations or similar comments on the site, especialy when people who aren't the author decide to jump in. Atolm is a smart enough guy to enforce his own copyrights, and certainly to get ahold of me without assistance from the peanut gallery. I can't help but think that there are some of you out there that prefer the status que, like General Chang and friends from undiscovered country. You don't stop to think that these constant problems with n00bs releasing files without asking, credits getting mixed up or "author unknown" and people releasing stuff simply because they give up trying to contact authors because nobody they know can find them and the emails are outdated are all problems that can be solved, or greatly reduced, by unifying the community more, not less, so stop trying to start a public war every time a problem comes up. I also know the other forums are getting tired of over zealous "friends" of authors blashing alleged thieves on their behalf. Most forums in general do not approve of individuals spewing their personal business all over the public forum when it is between 2 or just a few people. Authors, get off your lazy buns and deal with your own ships and utilize private message systems. If someone doesn't answer, get ahold of staff. Staff here at BCfiles can help you get in touch with people who submit files if you haven't a clue how to find them yourself. Some of these people are new, or get files from sources where readmes are wrong or missing, or both are true, and alot of times a simple conversation can solve it without casuing any public turmoil. This also means you need to be willing to let it go if it's an actual honest mistake. A recent issue with a scimitar was that way. Author just wanted it solved and his name in the credits, it turned out to be nothing more than a file mixup. His name is now in the readme, the ship was not yanked, the submitter was not banned or run out of the community and is instead still modding. Everyone won. Right now I have a plan in the works to bring a comprehensive list of SFC authors, and hopefully contact information for each in the forum of email, so that people from BC who know nothing about the SFC community can track down people on their own, or know what there policies are. This is good because we can't remeber them all. There already is such as list at the SFC forums, however, I find most people who get ahold of sfc stuff have never heard of the place, so have thus never seen this list. The list seems to have done an excelent job of solving problems and speding up modding projects, so it's time for that list to be shared here, esp now that we seem to have more and more people interested in HP's ports and retextures. Untill then, I can tell you what most authors want by looking at the list if you don't know where it is. If they aren't on it, I'll find them, or someone who knows them and hunt them down.

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