Concerning my Excelcior Releases....

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Right now I have a few, Curnow, Ajax, Starslayer, Pompeii, Theseus, and Pleaides. (I believe that is all) I've found a flaw in some of these concerning how the phsers act and also may have given some the wrong impulse settins and made a couple of larger ones such as the curnow too manuverable. I am putting on hold the currently pending ones (there are 2) and will re-examine the ones currently up. I will probably pull them, release a patch for those that already have them, and then re-release them. Also a couple of them have registrey that dont' match canon so I'll likely hold a couple for that while I am at it. This error should affect all of them but wont take long to fix. Those that know how to hp should review the beam properties for aft phaser or ventral 6 and 7 specifcily concerning the beam size, texture speed and the rest of the setting fields in that area and take note, those are the correct settings. All of the phasers dorsal and ventral 1-5 (a and b) have goofed settings. Luckily it's not the color settings. The bugs do not affect ballance or firepower just appearence. The except is the engines but that will only improve the feel of the DD, CL, and DN classes, to make them faster or slower based on vessel size. 3rd nacelles and heavy weapons rollbar are heavier ships, thus acceleration and turn rate need to be turned down. I'll keep ya'll excelcior enthusisasts updated over the next few days. **** Those of you with slow connections might want to avoid downloading the ship or adding them to CD/DVD orders (or remove them) for now, unless you don't mind doing it over.

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