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As many of you know, there is over 1300 pix in the potd system, and we need to get rid of some. Obviously, some will be corrupted or duplicates or just plain bad. But I suspect the majority will be atleast "decent". I'm thinking of removing all pix more than 6 months old for starters, regardless of quality, and see where the number drops to. Question is, how should we release them?

Option 1) Would you like large packs? Say 100 pix in no particular arangement? Option 2) Group pix in smaller 25 picture packs? Option 3) Sort by species, or ship class for popular ships? This would result in packs containing only galaxy classes, or only battle pix, or only romulans. Option 4) A couple massive downloads with several hundred unsorted pix each

Also, if you'd prefer a poll styled system, you can vote at this poll at BCC:,4536.0.html

Or you may simply post your opinions below.

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