Deflector Pulse HP Mod (deleted)

By BlackRook32 (Old) 20 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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After a careful investigation, I discovered the "Deflector Pulse" HP mod was stolen and is a blatent copy of Elminster's BOBW Galaxy HP. This is "NOT" cool, folks. We will "NOT" tolerate "Mod Theft" on this site. I've been in the BC modding scene long enough to tell Elminster's HP's from Starforce's, Durandal's, and Laurelin's. Everyone has their own unique style. This "person" did not even have the sence to make his own readme file? No credit was given what so ever. Things like this just brings the BC Modding communities down. My appologies to Elminster, and to our Members and Guests. @ The Mod Thief (dzindar1) You are banned for "One" Month. After which you will be rienstated- "provisionally".... Any mods you submit in the future will come under "close" scrutiny. Any Attempt to flame after your rienstatement, or trying to regesture under another alias will result in a "permenate" ban from BCfiles.

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