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Here is a preview of a project I've been working on and off for the past three years. Total crew conversions for Bridge Commander. So far, I have done Starfleet Marines, Starfleet Officers (TNG 3rd-7th season), (TOS cr.2254 and 2267), Bajorans and Romulans. Since the release of the EF2 Bots for Bridge Commander. I decided to release my works starting with the Cardassian Crew Total Conversion mod. Now this mod is not just another retexture. Each Bridge character textures are custom made, from referencing the stock bots. And the inclusion of Cardassian Females. A "first" for BC... * Cardassian 7th Order Crew Total Conversion: * Gul Marik Matan: First Officer * Glen Valen Tomarr: Tactical Officer * Tal Jilora Madrid: Helmsman * Glen Tekimi Osset: Science Officer * Thane Danu Otal: Chief Engineer I got a little creative with the ranking system. Here is my take on it... * TAL = Ensign/Adjutant * THANE = Lieutenant/Civilian Attache * GLEN = Lieutenant Commander/Commander/ Military & Political Attache * GUL = Commander/Captain/Fleet Captain/Military & Political Advisor * LEGATE = Admiral/Fleet Admiral/ Admiral of the Order/Commander & Chief (All Eight Orders) * Featuring Custom made characters and extras. I tried to make each Cardassian as unique as possible. Giving them different skin tones. And different make up shading for the females. Also the Crew names will be change when this mod is activated by Mutator. Not barring the Fed LCARS. This will be a Cardassian crew. I'm so glad I was able to save this mod. Saves me from months of work, perhaps more. I'll be posting fresh pics of both the Cardassian Crew TC and the Bajoran Militia TC. * * Update 07/24/2008 * * Cardassian Crew Total Conversion w/ Galor Bridge v.1.0 (Released) http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/Cardassian_Crew_Total_Conversion_w_Galor_Bridge;92318
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