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Published by Danny 11 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Several files have been removed recently and several more may be also removed (or repackaged) due to containing Copyrighted Materials such as music files coming from Commercial CDs or from the Sci Fi Episodes themselves. Unfortunately while these music files might sound good ingame, unfortunately with out permission from the original authors of the music or those that own the music (which is very doubtful in itself). These files cannot be hosted on any filefront network site) The following files have been removed (that i know of, I'm sure there are more), Lord of the Rings Music Pack, Pirates of the Caribbean Music pack and the BSG Music Pack. More files will probably be removed later on by the Network Admins if they are found, although most likely these maybe older files but unfortunately if it contains illegal files there is nothing that I can do to keep the file on the site. At the moment this only refers to the music files that are either contained on a commercial CD or shown in an episode on TV. edit - (Just to be perfectly clear, ONLY files that contain ripped CDs, i.e. where the only content of the file is music, have been removed no mods have been removed, and probably won't be) Danny - BC Files Staff / Network Admin
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