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Here is a news item submitted to BCFiles showing the "New" Enterprise from the most touted new Trek feature film under the Direction of J.J. Abrams. In my humble opinion. If the attached pic below is any indication. I'm very disturbed by the look of this "Reinvisioned" Constitution Class. The ship looks horrid. And don't even get me started on the type of fonts used and the positioning on the hull. At this point, I'm one "disappointed" TOS Trek die-hard. It would seem the Producers are pandering (yet again) to generations who have never seen the "Original" Series. Say what you will. The "Original" series was the bases for all the different incarnations of Star Trek that's available today. Star Trek began with TOS, NOT TNG. But, too show an opposing viewpoint, here is a quote form the BCF patron James Degen who submitted the info...
First Pic Of The New Enterprise! Moviefone has scored the first picture of the Star Trek Enterprise, as we will see it in JJ Abrams take on the beloved sci-fi series. You can click below for a slightly bigger view. We should be seeing a bit more of this little runaround very soon, with the first Star Trek teaser trailer for the movie expected to be attached to Cloverfield, which goes on US release today. It's impossible to get a full impression of the ship from this close-up, but the machinery operating all over it gives it a scale that isn't usually clear (it's hard to show how big something is when it's just framed against space). And we like that it has two giant turbines on it. That's kickin' it old school.
Now you have Star Trek being "Refashioned" from the Original series? What's Next... "Reinvisioning" TNG, DS9 and VOY? One could say the Franchise needs a break, or at least a fresh direction and perspective. With the cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise. It should have been abundantly clear, that Trek was over-saturated in the Media. You have a Generation of fans, who are not use to not seeing Star Trek as a running series on Television. With nearly Twenty years of Trek re-runs, everyone has their favorites. With the Producers following blindly in Ronald B. Moore's example (desecrating a classic) like Battlestar Galactica. As for the new feature? It might be the greatest thing ever. And you can't please all the fans out here. I'm just bracing myself for what's to come. The "new" Star Trek Feature film is due for a December 2008 release. -BR32
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