Flaw found in 2 years+ of SFP and SFPO TMP vessels. See inside for fix!

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During routine testing tonight, a bug was found where the wrong TMPtorpedo.py somehow ended up in the basic folder structure that is automaticly used when beginning any SFP or SFPO TMP federation vessel. This reverts all TMP, including excelciors, back to a stock torpedo. Affected files include both 2005 and 2006 year Christmas release packs involving TMP vessels or kitbashes that do not use an Excelcior saucer or 5 pair phaser arangement. Some of those vessels could also be affected, but none found yet. The original TMP Common weapons pack issued by Starforce Productions during the 2003 Christmas Releases will fix this problem, and any other problems that you may have with TMP weapons relating to TMP ships with a hardpoint by Starforce2. Installing any Excelcior will also overwrite and revert you back to the correct torpedo. This file can be found by clicking this link. This should fix ALL TMP vessel of any kind (except those modified to TNG or DS9 era which would obviously not use a TMP movie era torpedo and thus will not be affected either way) http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/StarforceProductions_TMP_common_weapons_files;21907 Keep this file handy. While the problem has been fixed here, if you reinstall any afflicted vessel it will revert them to stock torpedo. All 2007 TMP should be bug free.
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