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1) Catagory changes "Conversions only" Catagory now changed to "No hardpoints" Because some people still don't get it. There are where the models without hardpoiunt go, they are ships from authors who don't mod for this game or don't know any hp'ers, and people from here are free to HP and release them. 2) Starfleet Museum added. These will be for the romulan war era vessels from the starfleet museum. Rules updated------------------------------------- Rule 14) added to ban political and religious dicussion from this site. (it's totaly offtopic, BCU has a political debate forum that welcomes such topics if you feel the need) Rule 15) Posts the 3 strikes rule, 3 bans for any reason = permenent ban on the thrid ban. Rule 16) Explains that being of a certain skin color, sexual preference, ect does not entitle anyone special treatment. Next updated feature: An html forum which you can use to register for bcfiles hosting.
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