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It is apparent in the last few weeks that there are a number of people who still don't know how to properly submit a mod despite 6+ years of this community bing involved in mods. So once again, I give the basics:

1) All mods must be in some kind of compressed archive. You can use exe installers, but be aware some do not compress files and you will need to use a rar afterward to get a reasonable file size. You can use ace or zip as well, if you choose, since rar can open them all, however rar is generally believed to be the best of them all. Also, despite what it says on the submit file page, rar now works on mac.

2) Screenshots should be separate. Nothing irritates people with slow internet more than downloading a 2 meg file to find out that 1200k of it is screenshots, ususaly the same ones they already loaded on the download page. Please submit them either as a separate archive or attached jpgs. You CAN send them in the same email. If you send more than one mod per email, however, it would be best to archive the screenshots with the same name as your mod plus "screenshots" as the filename. For example, if you send in 2 ships, one called ussthunderbolt.rar and one called usschallenger.rar, you'd want ussthunderbolt_screenshots.rar and usschallenger_screenshots.rar to match. Pretty simple, no?

3) CREDITS!!!!. I can't stress this enough. Even if you've done everything yourself, your readme needs to clearly state this. Mod and textures by *insert username*. How hard is that to do? I don't care if you leave the rest of the readme blank, you ateast need credits.

4) Developer. At the top of the readme should be what you want under developer on your files download page. It can be the name of the mod team, or an individual username, but if the credits list several people, we don't know which one is in charge of the release unless you've stated it in your readme. We don't read minds, and we don't like having to waste our time fixing these later after you've complained that it says "unknown/annoymous" under your mod. One of these days we are just going to start telling people that we're not going to fix them. Most of you have been told to put your name on your work from your teachers at school since the first grade, so lets do it here too. If you want credit, your name needs to be on it.

These are your responsibilities as modders. Yes you may be doing the work for free, but it's not that dificult to adhear to a few simple requirements, especialy for something as awsome as free hosting with pix for basicly years to come. It takes, at most, 5 minutes to make a readme meet the requirements, list the nessecary people in the credits, and for most mods only a couple minutes to zip the mod. Screenshots can be converted to jpg with irfan. Don't know what it is? Google it. It's the very first result when you google Irfan.

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