JLS Delta Quadrant Pack - Phase 2: Star Systems

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Since this project started, i said that there would be 3 phases:

1st phase: Delta Quadrant Ships

And today im announcing that the 2nd phase is Delta Quadrant Star Systems.

All together there will around 20+ DQ Star Systems, all compatible with Galaxy Charts V2.0. So this means that the new DQ species will have there own territories & some will attack if you decide to warp into there. I will also as soon as the ships are finished, begin putting ai ships in the systems so that it makes them abit more lively.

Unlike other systems so far in bc, these planets use the brand new planet mod from Cordanilus, which hasnt been released yet, so they won't be bog standard planets as you can all see by the screenshots.

So far we have the following:

Caretaker Array System Ocampa Talax & Rinax Vaadwaur Malon Demon Planet seen in the episode Demon Water Planet seen in the episode Thirty Days Ice Planet seen in the episode Timeless Fludic Space The Void Borg Prime Transwarp Hub

Anyways I've talked enough, time to enjoy the pics.


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