Late TNG Galaxy Bridge (Retexture) * * LOCKED * *

By BlackRook32 (Old) 16 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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[i] At the Author's request the Late TNG Galaxy (Retexture) mod will be locked. The mod was to be available for download in March, 2008. As the Bridge retexture was to coincide with the release of Bridge Plugin (Gold Edition). Miscommunications lead to the mod being up for download for a "brief" period of time. With a slight (34) downloads total. The mod has been re-sealed, as the Author wished. The retexture will "NOT" be available until the tentative release date. But the Mod Page will be visible on the BCF main archives. If the Author chooses to change his mind? The timer lock will be released at his convenience. With regards, Blackrook32 Vice Administrator - BCFiles.com[/i]

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