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[i]To "ALL" who Submit Modifications to this site. We have made the " Rules of Submission " very plain to you. If you are making a Modification of someone else's work, "YOU" must credit the person(s) who's works you are using. This includes anything you know you didn't make yourself. We are receiving mods that are coming without any Readme files attached. or clearly stating the Author/submitter identity. Normally, I would let this slide when it's an "Original" Hardpoint or Re-texture ect. But, submitting a Mod in your "OWN" name without crediting the Original Author(s) who contributed to the modification before you alter it. Or submitting a released mod and just slapping your name on the readme- while deleting the original Author's name? That Constitutes [b]"THEFT"!![/b] And a definite total [b]Site Ban[/b]. If you like some one's work to want to make a Mod out of it? Then credit the People, who put their hard time and effort into something your taking for granted. This means even if the Original work was done by modder "X", you need to credit the people for any alteration from the original work. That is just common courtesy. [b]"MODDERS LIKE TO BE CREDITED FOR THEIR WORKS"II![/b] From now on, Modifications "NOT" having or crediting the Original Author(s) will be [b]"DELETED"[/b] from our Mainframe. We will expect to see the following when posting submitted files . . . [quote][b]1.) Submitting Author's Name and Current Active E-Mail Address. The Author [b]"MUST"[/b] be clearly stated. The active e-mail is for us to contact you, if your mod is corrupted during the upload process. 2.) Credit Original Author(s) for the Work(s) that was [b]"NOT"[/b]made by you "Originally". 3.) A "Description" of what the Modification does. It is [b]"NOT"[/b]the Site's Staff responsibility to "TEST" your Modification(s). 4.) Screen Pics for your mod [b]"MUST"[/b] be submitted in .jpeg format [b]"ONLY"!![/b] 5.) Follow the SDK License Agreement. Ex: " THIS MOD(S) WAS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED OR SUPPORTED BY Activision (C), TOTALLY GAMES OR PARAMOUNT PICTURES. . ." [/b][/quote] For # 5, this is Optional, but this protects you from a ugly "Law Suit" if your Mod, which you are proving to Thousands" is a violation of the SDK Agreement. and or Blows up some one's well crafted modded install and/or PC. For some reason people don't back up their modded installs.[/b] People, things like this [b]"WASTES"[/b] every one's time. Try to follow the rules above. Keep in mind the Bridge Commander Files Site Admin has been in the Bridge Commander modding community since the Beginning. So we have practically seen it "ALL"!! [b]And We will be "Watching". . . .[/b] -BR32 [/i]

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