Moderating Issues and upset modders

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It has recently come to my attention that the makers of several large modding projects have been met with some disrespectful comments and what not lately. This includes everything from insulting remarks to excessive nitpicking and whining about insignificant mistakes or things they didn't do that someone thinks should have been. The result is they are ready to either quit after their project is complete and leave BC all together, or not release their final works publicly. I don't really know the entire story as to exactly what is going on because they haven't replied to me with specific comments or user names, but I am considering ways to solve these problems. Firstly, elminster and blackrook are 2 of the upset modders who've worked hard to provide some decent sized projects lately and have ended up the target of disrespectful crap. Ignis's NX project also seems to be one of these. Enterprise haters seem to be taking any Enterprise releated release and trashing it with rips on the show, which is rude. He nearly quit the project, too, though I hear 2 different storys as to why. To solve the issue, I plan on taking up several people on their offers to join as moderators. DJcube has file posting issues so he's going to be a moderator rather than a filer. I am thinking perhaps an additional 2-3 maybe even 4 moderators besides elminster and DJcube. The second issue would be to get allot tougher on violations relating to people who hijack threads with off topic material, use popular mods to advertise their own projects or websites (spamming) and foul language. I've created a preliminary list below (these are not in effect yet) just to give an idea: 1) SWEARING (AND OTHER FORUMS OF FOUL LANGUAGE) would result in an immediate ban of 48hrs to a week for vulgar words, to a single warning for some of the lesser ones and I am considering taking away the word "shit". Right now I usually ignore it, unless it is used as an insult, along with "damn" and "hell". 2) FLAMMING of any kind, from the grade school "jerk" and "Moron" to more vulgar attacks would result in an outright 1 to 2 week ban, no questions asked. People who excessively complain about a mod in a rude fashion may also fall under the category of abusing the authors, especially those who go on multi-post rants that do nothing but anger everyone else. I'm tired of seeing these and so are the authors and many others, as it goes beyond being displeased with the mod and to the point of just trying to piss someone of, which essentially what the definition of flaming is. 3) SPAMMERS would receive a 1 week ban for advertising their website in comments automatically on the first offense. We have a link section for your websites on BCfiles. If you have a forum or site of your own, that's where it needs to be placed. Those who continue to spam after their ban is up, or re-register to continue (such things happened with the corben dallas wannado site) would be deemed a spam account and permanently banned. 4) Enforce network policy on "yay first post" comments. We are supposed to be banning people for this, as those rules are from pro-filer. However I've been kinda letting them go because they aren't really a disruption, however, this will change I think. Additional moderators would also help in creating a quicker and more effective response to not only the above issues, but general trash posting that results from guests, multi-post errors, and general nonsense postings. I am also considering the idea of giving moderators ban rights to deal with things immediately, as well. Hopefully maybe things can be improved so these major project leaders and modders don't quite or stop releasing.
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