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The following files have been removed from the BCfiles site. As requested by the Author, CaptainJPicard... * NanoFX Lights Hardpoints (v.1.0) D/L: 274 Rating: 8.3 * NanoFX Lights Hardpoints (v.1.1) D/L: 273 Rating: 9.7 * Ship Hard D/L: 50 Rating: 5.5 ** To Future Modders: I've read some of the Comments in the listed mod before I deleted them. Most of the Community just download mods without making any comments at all. Some Modders just look at the Download numbers, not raitings. Any problems incountered in a release can always be corrected in a second version. But be "warned" critisism comes with the territory. Any flaming will be delt with by the Moderators. @ CaptainJPicard: I hope you won't let the "bonehead" comments of a few, keep you from modding. You had 597 people willing to give your mods a try. If you did not notice, the ones flaming your latest mod never had the courage, or the skills to release anything of note. Just keep that in mind, if you decide to release something in the future. ;-)

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