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I've just cleaned POTD. Of the 227+ pictures submitted, I have found 39 that are actualy worth posting. I deleted atleast 20 POTD featuring stock ships. Another 20 or so were blatant photoship edits, another 10-12 containing someones idea of hilarious text (must of which was retarded) and several more where people added their own borders, backgrounds, ect, as well as a few where I have no idea how it was done but it was defenetly not with the game, plus a few renders. Just a reminder, the fallowing is not accepted as POTD: 1) Major photoship edits 2) Addition of custom text, borders..ect 3) Renders 4) Project logo's 5) Starwars 6) Cut and paste ships and the new one: NO MORE FRIGGEN STOCK SHIPS!!! THEY SUCK!! 109 pics including another 19 that another staff member saved will be used for POTD packs, cuz they were ok or fairly good. (excessive ammounts of Soverigns, Enterprise's of just about every era, relaints, scimitars, and beauty shots...ect)
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