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What would you like to see in a video tutorial for the MPE? Here is your chance to voice your opinion on the matter. If I can get the program to work correctly, I plan on making a series of videos on the basics of using the MPE, and I am curious just how many people who currently can't use the MPE or are cluess on how would even be interested. Some of the areas that will be covered are the initial opening and settings of the MPE, including how to set the folders that will auto-load your script, how to load a PYC hardpoint, How to add and remove items from your hardpoint, going inside the various tabs for the properties and explain what the various data fields control, a demonstration on how to set up a federation phaser emitter and how to use all those 1's and 0's, and possibly how to set up blinking items, and where to find common crash bugs.. The tutorial will not cover how to set up scripting events such as shuttle launch and mvam, strickly the use of the MPE's systems will be covered. Additionally, the basic conversion process for how to set up textures and how to convert models using max 3.1 (atelast the proper process from sfc) will be covered in tutorials as well. Does anyone care how large these videos are? Obviously they need to be of sufficient size to see what you are doing, they will have audio as well. I'd like to hear imput on the matter, from the community.

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