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If you have been following the development of NanoFX GE and Excalibur? You many want to refresh your bookmarks for NanoFX GE. The site has moved to a new domain. Also there is another news item on the progress of the game engine. built from scratch by the team. I had a conversation with Lost_Jedi about this a few weeks ago. And was shown a demo of the engine physics itself. The potential of the engine is staggering to say the least. The aim is to make the final build stable and easy for personal modification. Lost_Jedi being a member of BCS-TNG knows well the modding difficulties faced with dealing with Foundation and modded BC in General. Suffice it to say. The structure will be very similar to the way one would see the file set up in Modded Bridge Commander. Please keep in mind, this "IS NOT" associated with Bridge Commander itself. But a new engine, that will show Star Trek Gaming in a up to date light. With the possibility of surpassing anything that came before it. Here is a sample pic of the in game physics of the Evolved engine. And link to the new site, where more detailed information is contained about the subject.... * NanoFX Evolved:

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