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[i]I'm sure all patrons here has notice the (influx) of Mirror Universe mods as of late. To make things easier, I've created an independent category for the Mirror Universe ships. Divided into subsections by eras (ENT, TOS). Those are the canon eras. Any ships that are (TMP, TNG) Will be labeled "Alternate Mirror Universe". Like a (What if. . ?) scenario- since they aren't canon, but (Fan Fiction). A section has been made for (The Alliance - DS9). As this is a canon era in the Mirror Universe saga. Any Mod packs that have Mirror Universe ships in them will be left in their previous slots. Unless the Author(s) request a category change. I may consider making a category for retextured (no ship) files, or hardpoints. This depends on how many mods are made for the respective categories. So, Now the Mirror Universe ships are streamlined and categorized:D Happy Downloading!! Blackrook32 Vice Administrator - Bridge Commander Files [BCF][/i]
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