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I meant to do this a while back and I totaly forgot, but I'd like to introduce the 3 new moderators (the 4th you should already know). Djcube is a filer who I recently gave moderator access too, and he has already been staff for a while. The three new people are SMC, Skills2K, and JimmyB76. Some of you may know JimmyB from the BCU forum moderator team, one of the reasons he was picked. The other 2 have been frequent comment posters here at BCfiles for some time. I'm sure many of you have noticed the stepped up ennforcement and quicker respone times to various offenses like cussing and off topic guests. I hope this will be able to be sustained and will improve the overall quality of the site. Also, I didn't really giev these guys a whole lot of training, just the basics and the rules you can all see. So, in otherwords, I gave them a crash course and sent them out into the field to learn by the seat of their pants. Expect a mistake now and then, but if you choose to come running to me about it be sure to keep a cool head because I probably already know about it. The reported posts forum (a hidden section at my staff forum) has been very active, everything is getting reported to me, I amr eviewing them, making the nessecary suggestions ect. So I am aware of what the new moderators are doing. Get in touch with me if you feel something is wrong, as always. Other than that, please welcome the new staff, and wish them happy hunting :D
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