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As you may remeber, I said there was going to be a queue cleanup after newyears. There are Currently no images older than Dec 1st to be posted. All were deleted after being first downloaded. This bunch will be sorted for anything that is total waste, the posted. Aanything exceptional may be reuploaded by staff and posted over the next week or so. This reduced the number to 79. Removing some duplicates, obvious junk, boring single ship images of galaxy classes that were really nothing special and some containing menus or cut at paste jobs brought the number down to 50 something. I would still like to get this down to around 20, so you may see that number drop. I may also place a cap on the number of POTD allowed to sit in queue at a given time, or perhaps a maximum age. Maybe both. Also, effective immediatley, all unsed POTD wallpaper packs will no longer include pictures which violate the rules for POTD. There are some in the current batch that I have already downlaoded, and I may or may not leave them there. However, after the clean out is finished, and picture that is not made with the game will simply dissapear. In the past I've downloaded them, if they are worth looking at, and simply tossed them in with the unused pix. If you wish to create Copy and past works of are with BC screenshots, or customise ingame pix and release them, please send them in zip/rar files as you would a regular mod. They are not banned from being posted as wallpaper packs, they just wont be included in the ones I create for unused POTD.
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