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Published by Mark 13 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Recently we have received a number of edited images, or images that weren't taken in bridge commander at all: As most of you probably know it is against site rules to submit a POTD which does not come straight out of Bridge Commander. The only bending of this rule comes for resizing of large images. However submitting CGI renders, or adding a torpedo here, a phaser pulse there, is against the site rules. example 1 example 2 For those of you looking at the second picture up there thinking "that looks ok to me", well below you can see the lengths we will go to to validate a POTD as real. part 1 part 2 One final note to POTD submitters; please do not resubmit images more then once. I can understand people resubmitting one more time to check that their picture has been seen, however this image has been submitted four times now, and it's not alone. It doesn't matter how many times you submit it, if it's not good enough then it's not good enough.
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