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This is a reminder to all authors who submit mods to make sure all the proper information in your readme. Chief among them, is a clean line in your readme for what you want displayed in the developer header you see on each file post. It doesn't matter if that is a team name, an individual, 2 people, ect, just make sure it is there. BCfiles is a free service, and while we are all willing to work to help keep this community going, both as modders and site staff, we do not feel like we should need to waste our personal time cleaning out the complaints posted by authors in the comments under their files because the developer is missing or wrong when it is either unclear or missing from the readme. That is your responsibility as a file submitter. Obviously if it is clearly stated, and it is still posted wrong, then it is our fault and you should email bcfiles to get it taken care of, rather than using comments. Unfortuneately, I've also had to refuse several mods that have been submitted over the past 2 months because they are missing credits, missing readmes all together, or submitted in peices without the proper file structure. There are plenty of places such as to send files too large for your email systems, we've mentioned this before and it should be on our file submit page. No excuses. Files which fail to fallow proceedures will be rejected untill you do it right. Conditions to post: 1) File must be a complete file. No broken up peices. Plenty of ways to get it here whole, unless you have prior arangements with staff to send it that way. 2) Proper credits 3) Your own name, team name, or whatever you want as "developer" on the filepage. 4) No incomplete mods, except converted models without hp's. 5) No inappropriate or copyrighted content (in violation of the modding liscense of BC or another game) or released without permission.
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