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As much as it saddens me truly to do so, I'm just letting everyone know that I am going to be resigning from BCFiles staff... i just don't have much free time anymore, and (as I mentioned in the FF forums) I really would like to focus as much time and effort as I can with helping on the ST Excalibur project as much as I can, as well as other things... I've been with bcfiles staff for like 2 years now, and it has been a really good run; but i guess it is time to "pass the torch"... it has really been an honor and privilege being here, and this is no easy decision to make... but I feel it wouldn't be very proper of me to neglect and drift away from a site I feel I have a responsibility to, if I don't really have the time anymore... it wouldn't be fair to the rest of the staff if did my job with less dedication and diligence, than if someone else could do it more... I'll still be around BCC and BCS of course... and I can tell all you guys - from what I know of projects in the works, BC has a long long life ahead of it still!! :D :rock: :thumbsup: see you all out there! :) cheers :beer:
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