Screenshots2 page and Invisable comments fixed

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Thanks to Jamie from filesnetwork, our Screenshots2 page is back will all the modded screenshots from last years cleanout. All done in a single day too, so cudos to him. You can find it linked in our left menu next to the old ones. Second issue, some of you may have noticed some invisable comments, meanung you would post, and it would show your post, but none of them had text. Pro-filer made a typo in a modification he made for me and it is now fixed. Not all comments may be visable yet, Pro-filer is running a network wide script to fix them, and it takes a total of 16 hrs to complete. And as a minor issue, the annoying red font is now orange and I fixed the teamspeak as well so it has color too. The color will probably change but I figure for new items we add we'll make them orange for a while, so you don't miss them since there are no "new" Icons.
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