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Hi All, it has been awhile. Though it has been nearly half a year since the phenomenal release of Galaxy Charts by USS Frontier. I have been doing a crash course on his latest works the Galaxy Charts v.1.1. Now, before you ask "what's new"? As I'm reporting this, I cant believe it. Basically... Bridge Commander goes "Interactive"! Here are some of the features as quoted by USS Frontier in his forum at BCS TNG concerning these stunning new features...

- Changed Stellar Cartography's "Warp" button to "Engage". - Changed Stellar Cartography's "Drop Out Of Warp" button to "Drop Out Of Travel". - Added a "Drop Out of Travel" button (which does the same thing than it's counterpart in Stellar Cartography) to the Helm menu. - Fixed a bug which allowed System Plugin to set systems outside the galaxy. - Implemented the Custom Traveling Method Plugin System. - Added a line in Stellar Cartography showing the selected traveling method. - Fixed a bug that made System Plugin's that pointed to non-existant systems (not installed systems) still appear in the Galaxy Map. - RDF is now triggered by an custom event fired by the Traveler system. This way any new traveling methods can trigger a RDF. - Cloaking has more effect to not be detected by a RDF. - Tweaked RDF so that the default defense ships of a system only appear with the RDF in it once. - Fixed/Improved Traveler's system code to allow ships to travel to "None". (that is, make the ship travel somewhere to be deleted) - New major feature implemented: the Galactic War Simulator - Besides various UMM configuration values, this feature can be toggled ON/OFF in GC's config menu in UMM. - Changes the operation of some normal GC features, such as RDF and the Galaxy Map. - Ships of X race can conquer systems from enemy races by attacking them, and defeating it's defense forces (Random Defense Force - RDF). - Races will periodically attack their enemies. (Random Attack Force - RAF) - Basic Economy running: each race gains each second the sum of it's systems Economy value as "Funds"[ - These funds are the basic (and only) resource used in the war: to buy ships and etc. - Ships now carry a price tag, depending of it's systems and so. To be able to add ships to the game (either by a RAF, RDF, on some other means), it's race will need to have that amount of funds available to pay for the ship. - RAF and RDF amount of ships and classes of ships to use are now "randomly" calculated based on attacking/defending system importance. Systems in the Galaxy Map receive a different color coding: - Green: Player Region - Blue: Selected Destination - Yellow: Neutral System - Red: Hostile System - Light Blue: Allied System The only main thing left to do to reach beta testing is the new GUI's (all related with the War Simulator), which includes the "Strategic/Military Command" options (with a little bonus: option to declare war or peace treaties with other races) Besides that one, there will be one "war events news" GUI, which will show the events of the war (who's attacking who) and info about them; another window or pane showing the Race Rankings (taking into consideration military and economic might, and funds currently in their accounts); and another one to check more detailed info about your race: ship classes (description, cost, and ship names of this class that were commissioned, and maybe destroyed as well), and perhaps their allies and enemies. MAYBE i'll also add the option to show info on other races, but if i'll add this option, or which info will be shown dunno yet.
So check out the pictorial below and judge for yourself! Bridge Commander has purpose in QuickBattle at last. If you would like to check on USS Frontier's progress? Just click on the BCS TNG banner above... BR32
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