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We've begun to sort the fed ships catagory. Most noteably I've remvoed the DY freighters from shuttles and small craft to the starfleet museum and moved the ss aurora to TOS. Due to the massive number of files it wont probably be done for a while. Also, before anyone screams about it, the olympic will be pulled from future vessels because it is a present era vessel (meaning ds9). Though the gal-x will remain there. The Rhode Island registrey also suggests the 2370's, so it wont be in future era either. What's done? Well...ship textures now have their own catagories. As do hardpoints, this gets rid of the clutter in the ships catagory list on our end as well. Also moved a couple of non-ship mods out of federation ships, and will be attempting to catch all the unlisted "outdated files" that are not labled as outdated.
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