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Some of you have probably noticed soem staff changes a while back that were never announced. Also, some other issues and complains have been forewarded my way concerning POTD submission policies and incorrectly submitted pix, Incorrect news submissions, and poor quality and insulting reviews. I'll address some of these below: 1) Staff changes: Tiqhuid, a popular hardpointer, and Aces_high, also a mod author, have been added as file reviewers to replace outgoing staff and relieve some who are temporarily burned out or unavailable. Many of you have also mailed concerning the dissapearance of my Vice admin, Blackrook32. I am unsure what happened to him. Although what I do know is that he lives in rual Geogria, and is a police officer. If you are from this area (thats Georgia the state, not country) and know of any weather or police related incidents regarding weather or recent police injury/deaths I would be interested to hear about it. He could have been knocked offline due to weather or an incident in the line of duity. Also added, ReelbigMitch. Funny username, but he's a web tech. His business is to deal with any html type editing I need done on the site. He will also be the 3rd backup admin, just incase. Mark, AKA Ignis, from BCU has been given the job of POTD, File of the weak, Weekly Poll, and Featured files. This was mainly blackrooks duity, and he has agreed to assist untill blackrook can return, assuming that happens. 2) Poor reviews: I hope the poor review situation has been addressed. My superiors notified me of several, some of which were insulting to the author. I have spoken with the people who created them and explained a proper review. SOme of this was my fault, for adding new staff with no training or assitance due to time constraints on my end. If you feel there are any recent reviews that were missed or still need correcting, Starforce2(at) is the email to use. Infact, I'd prefer all of such issues went to me directly, rather than bothering those higher up who have more important work to do that deal with issues I can easily handle. 3) POTD submission problems and other updates: I've once again updated the "Submit files" to better reflect who this community works. For example, the old page asked you to put your screenshots in the same zip as the rest of the files, asked you to use zip instead of rar and didn't address our communities readme and credit issues. I've placed the readme requirement back up, as well as the readme content requirements and restrictions. Also, I should remind you that RAR are the prefered files of this community, as the vast majority of mods are rar files. We still accept exe self installers, zip and ace files however. Winrar can open rar, zip, and ace, incase you are confused. Lastly, screenshots are NEVER to be included in the main archive. You should attach them separately, in he same email, either either multiple jpg's or as another archive. Please do not use BMP files. You can find all this information here: The POTD problems of late have been pretty simple. People are not reading the main page. There are atleast 2 places to Submit a POTD. One of them is located next to the POTD thumbnail for the current image (click the "Submit POTD" words) and the other is along the left menu under POTD. I recieved a nasty response from someone who submitted it to email, after I rejected it for improper submission. He claimed submission was "obsure" among other problems. I've also been mailed bmp files. I don't know how much more simple we can make it for you to send in POTD, aside from a full page popup with blinking letters telling you how to do it. It's featured in 2 prominent places and must be a JPG file. Further POTD's emailed to files(at) will be dumped in one of the unused POTD wallpaper packs and ignored. It's not our job to upload for you if you are too lazy to figure it out for yourself. Rude complains via email regarding this will result in your email blocked. Other Updates include the return of paged tutorials on BCfiles. I had a little issue that hopefully reelbigmitch will correct on the left menu, after which our old tutorial pages erased from the left menu during the last network wide site update will be returned and hopefully mitch will also have time to add a couple more I found.
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