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Some of you have probably seens some of the recent arguements in comments over spelling mistakes. I realise some of you don't speak english as a primary language, or perhaps there are other reasons why you can't spell. Some of the mistakes I am seeing, however, is general carelessness. I know my spelling isn't all that great, and sometimes I spell things as close as I can. I'm not going to take the time too look it up because I'm writing a message post, not the thesus paper, and as long as I am understood I don't see the problem. However, some of you are not even getting close. Missing words like "Worf" and names of characters and ships that can easily be found on most trek sites, or even the names of the species, like Klingon, Romulan ect. Now while I don't epect every single POTD caption to be without some kind of typo or mistake, you should all atleast TRY. Some of you are not. The second problem is that some of you are making too big an issue of a misspelled word. If you can understand what the person meant, let it go. The staff of the site is under no obligation to correct spelling in comments, readme's, or POTD titles, though I intend to ask staff from now on to deal with the most obvious ones. Basicly what I am trying to say he is "grow up". Starting arguements, flame wars, and writing 2-3 paragraph comments drawing attention to a problem that everyone can plainly see for themselves is a waste of everyones time, both for you to type and for us to delete soon after. We also consider it "Thread Hijacking" which is a violation of site rules and generaly irritates everyone else just as much as the spelling mistake in the first place. You cannot force people to spell correcty, and some people are very slow/bad typers and may not be willing to take the time and effort to go back and fix or retype a sentence that doesn't sound the best. I am thinking of hiring a staff member who's only duty to read reviews, news items, and POTD captions as they are posted and fix mistakes, but I'm not sure if I want to bother. We will never go as far as editing comments for spelling or editing readme's, that is the responsibility of the author. Basicly, all I can say right now is that unless those who have the spelling and grammer problems choose to improve themselves, don't expect anything to change. Some of these people may even be doing it because they know it will cause a storm of activity and attention (or to simply p*ss everyone off) and the best thing to do is simply to move on and let it go. It's really no different than being face to face with a person who, due to lack of education, choice, or skill, speaks poor english, except that this is a community that uses writing not speach for the most part. The real point of this site is the material, not everyones spelling ability.
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