Star Trek: Excelsior enters second season

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[url=http://www.starshipexcelsior.com/index.php][i]Star Trek: Excelsior[/i][/url], produced by BCS:TNG alumni Wowbagger and CaptainKeyes, enters its second season with the release of [URL=http://www.starshipexcelsior.com/episodes.php]"[i]Murder in the Blue Morgue, part I: The First Two Deaths[/i]."[/url] With the [i]U.S.S. Excelsior[/i] limping its way back to starbase after the Battle of Valandria in the season one finale [url=http://www.starshipexcelsior.com/episodes/ep104.php][i]"Down the Rabbit Hole[/i]"[/url] and Captain Cortez still in a coma, Acting Captain Dovan does his best to keep his battle-weary, battered crew from falling apart as new mysteries surrounding the Valandran continue to crop up. At 42 minutes, [i]"The First Two Deaths"[/i] does not disappoint. New and returning listeners both may want to visit [url=http://www.starshipexcelsior.com/bio/synopsis.php]the synopsis page[/url] for the story up to this point. Thank you and enjoy the show! James Heaney, Executive Producer (Wowbagger) Alex Keyes, Producer (CaptainKeyes)

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