Star Trek: Excelsior: "Turn of Events" released!

By Danny 16 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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BCS:TNG's very own Wowbagger and CaptainKeyes are thrilled to announce the release of the next installment in their audio drama, Star Trek: Excelsior! This episode, titled [URL=http://starshipexcelsior.com/ep102.php]"Turn of Events"[/URL], picks up right as [URL=http://starshipexcelsior.com/ep101.php]the previous episode[/URL]left off. This installment clocks in at 45 minutes, making it the same length as the average Trek episode, only sans commercials and with less long, time-filling effect-shots pans (what, us, sniping at certain undisclosed Trek episodes? Don't be silly). For best results, sit in a darkened room when listening--you won't be disappointed! "Turn of Events" can be downloaded [URL=http://starshipexcelsior.com/download/download.php?file_id=2]here![/URL] Wowbagger (James Heaney) Executive Producer CaptainKeyes (Alex Keyes) Co-executive Producer

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