Star Trek: Intrepid (Heavy Lies the Crown) **Released**

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[i]For those of you familiar with the fan based production Star Trek: Intrepid? The premier episode [b]"Heavy Lies the Crown"[/b] is now available for download! The story centers around Commander Daniel Hunter of the U.S.S. Intrepid * NCC-76000. And his accidental (uncerimonious) thrust to the Captaincy of the Starship Intrepid. Not to give to much of the story away, but you will get an even mix of character development. The story does drag a bit. Though it could have had a bit more in the "space battle" department? One thing I find that's a bit off? An Intrepid Class starship relegated to such lowly duties? Guarding ungrateful colonists? But that's just my opinion. Some of the characters are amusing. Let's just say there is a [b]"LOT"[/b] of attitude too go around. The Romulan/Human Security Officer Lieutenant S'Ceris and Lt.Commander Jacen Navar gave the Intrepid's X.O. the most grief. But it made for good interaction on the ship. There are Character tie-in's with Star Trek: Hidden Frontier, with a cameo of Captain Shelby played by Risha Denney. The graphics and special effect are on par with Star Trek: Hidden Frontier (who co-produced this venture). On the models, the Starship Intrepid is perfect. But some of the models used in the title sequence were not canon, Like the NX-01 leaving on it's maiden voyage- from a 23rd Century dock? Or the 1701 with horrible registries. We have better ship mods at the [BCF] site. Those are my only nit-pics on that score. So, If you want to learn more? Just "Click" on the Star Trek: Intrepid banner above. This will take you directly to the main site. The premiere episode [b]"Heavy Lies the Crown"[/b] is available in the following formats for downloading. . . ** Available Online Video(s): _____________________________ [b](Windows Media Player): 150 MB .wvm file (Quicktime Player): 363MB .mov file (DIVX Player): 280 MB file Available Torrent Files: (Seeding Availability "NOT" Guaranteed)[/b] __________________________________________________ [b](WMV Torrent File) (QT MOV Torrent File) (DIVX Torrent File)[/b] So check out this offering from Star Trek: Intrepid, and see if it's worthy of the Trek Legacy? It might surprise you. . . -BR32[/i]

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