Star Trek: New Voyages ** Blood and Fire ** Teaser

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Star Trek: New Voyages will start to phase over their production to the Phase II style of the Roddenberry's Trek. So this two part episode has been released the much anticipated teaser "Blood and Fire". Denise Crosby (TNG- Lt. Natasha Yar/Commander Sela) appears in a guest-starring role as Dr. Jenna Yar The story begins with the Old 1701 Connie getting raked over the coals by a D-7 Klingon Battlecruiser. The premise of the story centers around Captain Kirk's nephew Ensign Peter Kirk joining the Enterprise. What caught my attention about ST:New Voyages? The cool battle scene. That were taken to a new level with the last episode "World Enough And Time". I also noticed the Ship damage textures looked like something from modded Bridge Commander?! Though the plasma leaking from the nacelle was top notch for TOS. Here we will get to see Kirk and Company met their match. The Klingons in this episode finally show some back bone! The Old 1701 takes a real pounding in this teaser. The Enterprise is in shambles, a nearly dead hulk. Now this particular script "Blood and Fire" was pinned for Star Trek: The Next Generation by David Gerrold for TNG's first season. This was later re-written in to the TNG episode "The Outcast". Which involved Commander Riker and a Androgynous alien. This ST:NV teaser is dedicated to all AIDS / HIV victims. So, the episode has Adult content dealing with same sex relationships. It's my purpose to endorse and support all Trek fan films. I will add a PG-13 tag on the corner of this news item. Because, some Parents don't check what their little darlings are looking at.. Parents- That is your Responsibility. That being said, This is your warning before commenting. Any derogatory remarks made will result in post deletion and a ban from commenting. * Star Trek: Blood and Fire **Teaser** BR32 [PG-13]
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