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[i]Hidden Frontier has released a total of four Star Trek: Odyssey episodes with in the last 6 months. In the Trek fan film community this is very unusual. I had one of our patrons here at BCFiles ask about any STO updates. So I decided to do a news item on the subject. What was caught my attention, Besides the hero ship, the Allegiance Class U.S.S. Odyssey being lost in the Andromeda Galaxy? The quality of the GCI effects. With the producers borrowing from the "Documentary" filming style of the CGI scenes. Like you would find inmthe current episodes of the current Battlestar Galactica. Though the Surroundings of the Actors is mostly green screen. This is an honest effort produce the best episodes possible. Which brings me to the current ones. Quoting from the episode synopsis...; [b]* STO: 101 - Iliyad: 43.00 Minuets[/b] ______________________________ in an uninhabited section of Romulan space, a new threat is brewing. Mysterious ships from the Andromeda galaxy have begun an invasion, and seem all but completely unstoppable. Slipstream technology has the ability to enable the newest Federation starship, the USS Odyssey to traverse millions of light years in a matter of weeks. A bold mission is put together to stop the ruthless invading forces, but will it be enough to stop the vastly superior forces? [b]* STO 102 - The Wine Dark Sea: 30 Minuets[/b] _______________________________________ Odyssey has survived her initial battle with the Archeins. But with her crew decimated, and her new captain unsure of himself, the fight for survival has reached a crucial stage, as Odyssey's antimatter stores have been depleted through an emergency pod dump. When an attempt to obtain replacement supplies takes a turn for the worse, Ro must balance his desire to protect his crew with the knowledge that without fuel, none of them will survive.... [b]* STO: 103 - The Lotus Eaters: 30 Minuets[/b] ______________________________________ The Archien's relentless pursuit of the U.S.S. Odyssey is taking its toll and Ro is having to deal with serious differences of opinion amongst his senior staff. Starfleet ideals win out over Romulan practicality as a Starfleet distress signal is detected and Odyssey is steered back into mortal danger This episode re-introduces the Kelvans from the (TOS) S2 "By Any Other Name... [b]* STO: 104 - Vile Gods: 30 Minuets[/b] ________________________________ Odyssey's newly-formed alliance with the Kelvans threatens to blow wide-open when one of the Kelvan's most revered heroes kidnaps Ro and makes plans to execute him - and Stadi's worst fears are realized when she must accept T'Lorra as the acting Captain of the ship! But while Stadi begins to form a plan to rescue Nevin, T'Lorra must work with the general who kidnapped him in a daring raid on an Archien training outpost - and Ro must once again face his inner demons when an unusual gift passes into his hands from his captors. I was pretty shocked to find all the episodes are well written. And the acting isn't bad either. I also noticed the series is now doing site locations for live action shots. Keep an eye out Sub-Commander T'Lorra! Two faced doesn't even begin to describe this piece of work! And as we all know, A good 'antagonist" makes for a good storyline. Which Star Trek: Odyssey certainly delivers. Just [b]"click"[/b] on the banner above to check out the latest episodes... BR32[/i]

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