Star Trek: Odyssey **Production Begins**

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[i]With the final episode of Star Trek: Hidden Frontier was released on 05/19/2007. Another adventure begins in the form of Star Trek: Odyssey. Unlike anything done with Trek, official or fan based. The Starship Odyssey will explore the unknown regions of the Andromeda Galaxy. Making new contacts and new enemies. And before you say- "It's not canon", just remember Captain Kirk's encounter with the Kelvans in the TOS 2nd season episode "By Any Other Name". Production began a couple of weeks ago on the premier episode [b]"Iliyad"[/b]. Some familiar characters from Hidden Frontier will take lead roles in Star Trek: Odyssey. Such a Lieutenant Commander Ro Nevin and Admiral Cole and a few others. One thing that caught my attention, was the new starship being used. In my opinion looks like a cool cross between a Galaxy, Sovereign, Mnemosyne (by Atolm/Wicked_Zombie) and Annapolis (by Cleeve) Classes. Which is not a bad thing. So, Modders and Kitbash specialists take note! The production for Hidden Frontier has come a long way from the beginning. It will be cool to see what they have in store for the Starship Odyssey. I've included some promotional pics from the main site. Star Trek: Odyssey looks to be a promising venture. The first episode "Iliyad" is due out in the Fall of 2007. -BR32[/i]

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