Star Trek: Odyssey - 'The Wine Dark Sea' ** Released **

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[i]The second episode of the newest venture from Star Trek: Odyssey [b]"The Wine Dark Sea"[/b] has been released. Though the plot of Odyssey takes on shades of Star Trek: Voyager. It doesn't look like the Odyssey will have a easier time of it in the Andromeda Galaxy. Hunted by the Archeins. Here is a synopsis of the episode, as posted on the Hidden Frontier homepage.... [quote]Odyssey has survived her initial battle with the Archeins. But with her crew decimated, and her new captain unsure of himself, the fight for survival has reached a crucial stage, as Odyssey's antimatter stores have been depleted through an emergency pod dump. When an attempt to obtain replacement supplies takes a turn for the worse, Ro must balance his desire to protect his crew with the knowledge that without fuel, none of them will survive.... [/quote] In viewing the episode. If I was a member of that ship, I would be very, very concerned and disturbed. An indecisive Captain. No Leadership, weak Chain of Command with an Arrogant "Out of Control" Romulan Sub-Commander on a massive ego trip, lol. If you ever watched Star Trek: Enterprise? Just imagine T'Pol's antics during the first season, and thrown in some Romulan "attitude". Overall, I found the episode enjoyable and believable. Only thing that bugged me about Star Trek: Voyager, in comparison to Odyssey? There should have been more dissension among the crew, even more so with half being Marquis. I find Odyssey is pressing this issue better than Voyager. The special effects are [b]"Top Notch"[/b]!! Definitely worth a closer look. Just [b]"Click"[/b] on the link above to direct you to the Hidden Frontier site. -BR32[/i]

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