Star Trek: Of Gods & Men Act: One ** Released **

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After months of speculation on the production, the first Act of "Star Trek: Of Gods & Men" is now available for viewing on their Homepage. The Story so far revolves around "Captain Nyota Uhura" as she and Captain Pavel Chekov are asked to dedicate a replica memorial to the old Constitution Class U.S.S. Enterprise. This living Museum is a active Starship, with the Crew still waring the 2260's Era uniforms. You will see a lot of familiar faces. If your a die hard fan of the Original Series. Not to give the story away in this act. Some of the old TOS stars have reprised their former Roles on ST:OGAM. Robert Walker (Charlie Evans- TOS Charlie X), and Lawrence Montiagne (Stonn - TOS Amok Time). Here we revisit the "Guardian of Forever" when Charlie X kills the Federation Scientist there to alter History with interesting results. And a Mirror universe like alternate timeline is created, after Charlie accomplishes his goal. In this Alternate reality, Chekov is a Rebel leader fighting the corrupt Federation and "Madame" Uhura is now Wife to Advisor Stonn and Mother to S'var played by Cirroc Lofton (Jake Sisko - DS9) with a huge extended family on Vulcan. But Madame Uhura knows all is not well, Living in a "idyllic" setting, feeling a deep premonition of Danger! If your a old die-hard TOS fan or just want to see your favorite trek stars spanning most of the known series? The just "Click" on the banner above to take you directly to the ST: OGAM site. You will have to enter a valid e-mail address to view the streaming video. Happy Holidays! -BR32
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